Monday, May 1, 2017

Maintenance Mode

April Journaling

1.      My husband got our taxes done. The refund will help with some recent expenses.

2.      Pajama day. Don’t judge me.

3.      Church, nap, church.

4.      Quiet day at home, except for a trip to Costco. All I could handle.

5.      Grocery shopping after Bible study. The rain is keeping me in pain.

6.      Visiting the grandkids. Our granddaughter is smiling now.

7.      Exhausted. Washing was my big chore of the day. Gotta somehow find energy for yoga tonight.

8.      Quiet day at home reading my Bible. It snowed a bit. Hrrrmmph!

9.      I bought yoga clothes because I actually do yoga.

10.   Church today. We may rent out our basement in-law suite to a young couple from church who are getting married in the fall. Their condo won’t be ready yet. We won’t charge much, it’s mostly to help them out.

11.   Bought some more yoga clothes.

12.   Our grandson is starting to get toilet trained. That saves on diaper money.

13.   Quiet day, yoga tonight. Our daughter is coming home for Easter weekend, then she’s back for her final two weeks of law school. I got my hair highlighted. I do it once a year around my birthday to cover up the greys.

14.   Good Friday. We had breakfast at church, then our other daughter’s family are visiting, as are my mom and sister.

15.   Bad day, in pain because of the rain. Didn’t do anything but renew my driver’s licence plate sticker, and even that was on line.

16.   Resurrection Sunday. Christ is risen. He is risen, indeed! Our daughter went back to school for her final three exams in Law School.

17.   My yoga class was cancelled tonight because of leaky pipes. Now I’ll miss the next two or three because of other commitments. But I went out for a walk with my husband in the ravine paths. I turned back at twenty minutes, while he walked an hour. I don’t want to overdo it.

18.   So mixed up about which day it is because of the holiday weekend. Accomplished next to nothing.

19.   Accomplished even less than yesterday, but that’s because it rained, so I was on the couch in pain, contemplating nonsense like why unicorns aren’t called unihorns, and why butterflies aren’t called flutterbies. Adding value to the world in my own small way.

20.   Chiro and massage today, then going to stay overnight at my daughter’s house because she wants to concentrate on toilet training my grandson.

21.   Nice day with my grandchildren.

22.   Women’s ministry breakfast. I spoke on Eve and also gave my testimony. Of course I cried at the part about the disabled boy. Then I was on the couch for the rest of the day to recover.

23.   Church. My husband preached this evening.

24.   I got my facial injections today. This time they only lasted 7 of 11 weeks instead of the usual nine. So I had a lot of pain in my jaw and temple for the last month.

25.   Bible study this morning. Our daughter is writing her final exam in Law School.

26.   Picking up our youngest daughter from Kingston. Law school is done.

27.   Got the results of my $700 genetics test today.

28.   Visiting our grandchildren along with my youngest daughter.

29.   Friends are coming for dinner. She was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, so we’re going to have them over to share what has helped me. Another couple had done this for us a few years ago.

30.   It’s my 53rd Birthday today! We went out to eat at the KEG, my favourite restaurant, but it doesn’t open till three and we needed to eat between services, so we went to il Fornello instead. Also the whole church sang Happy Birthday to me after someone announced I was 39. O.K.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Drum set


March Journaling

1.       Finishing my message on Esther for Saturday. Reworking an old one.

2.       Thinking about writing about my illness journey. Just read a very encouraging book called CFS Unravelled and his hypothesis about the cause of ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia seems plausible and the stories of people who’ve recovered, even after decades of illness is so encouraging. I have hope for the first time that I can recover and get my life back. Mark my words: this is the year I recover from my illnesses.

3.       Our blue boxes (recycling) either blew away or were taken. Now I have to go and purchase new ones.

4.       Women’s Ministry went well, but I crashed for a few hours afterward.

5.       Church flanking nap.

6.       Haircut and eyebrows waxed. Funny how just a little bit of grooming can make a person feel better.

7.       Pain clinic, plus my mom is coming for dinner, which she offered to bring.

8.       Working on writing today.

9.       More writing.

10.   Our daughter’s family are coming to spend the night so they can go on a date while we babysit. We’re giving our grandson a toddler drum set because he looooves drumming. I’ll post a picture, although the video is better.

11.   My husband had a men’s ministry breakfast and then is prepping easy worship for tomorrow. Also starting on our income tax returns.

12.   Our youngest has the end in sight for law school. She graduates June 9th, but finishes school in April. So proud of her.

13.   Quiet day at home, reading my Bible and writing my summary of Joshua.

14.   Pain clinic today, then my mom is sleeping over.

15.   Visiting my daughter’s family today.

16.   My youngest daughter who is in law school often goes to the law library at the university. There are sometimes non-law students who also go there. They refer to them as SNAILs, which means Student Not Actually in Law. So funny.

17.   Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who are Oirish, or wish they were.

18.   Dinner party today. We’re doing a Raclette dinner party. It’s a Swiss cheese, but also a style of cooking. It’s an indoor grill so we prepped food and will sit around the grill and cook. Our menu includes seven proteins. We served three apps; Individual crudites and dip, crackers with goat cheese, and watermelon-feta-arugula skewers. Our mains; steak with Korean bbq sauce, chicken with Greek souvlaki seasoning and tzatziki sauce, honey garlic chicken, shrimp with cilantro and lime, scallops with wine-butter sauce and chives, Atlantic teriyaki salmon, Basa fillets with dill, parsley and lemon pepper. The sides were parboiled potatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers and red onion, bread, and cheese: Raclette, pepper raclette, cheddar, stilton bleu cheese, onion goat cheddar, herbed goat cheddar, Applewood smoked cheddar. And a light dessert of homemade lemon sorbet in lemon rinds. The most time consuming part was prepping the food the day before. My husband did the cooking. It was a lot of fun for the usual four couples.

19.   Church today.

20.   A quiet day at home, catching up with Bible reading. Yoga tonight. None last week because of March break.

21.   Bible study, last lesson in Joshua. Pain clinic in the afternoon.

22.   Ran a few errands, then recovering the rest of the evening. Terror attack in London today; five dead.

23.   Chiropractor and massage today, then I went to pick up my grandson to stay over two nights.

24.   Loved having my grandson over, although it wore me out. I took him to the mall for lunch and he loved seeing the garbage truck come by. The driver beeped and waved to him, which made his day. He also spent lots of time on the drums and watching shows. He speaks in full sentences, “I want to watch a show.”

25.   Our granddaughter is rolling from her tummy to her back already at six weeks. I checked and apparently it usually happens at four months. Overachiever!

26.   Today between services, we hosted some people from church for a meal. Thankfully I had enough time for a nap.

27.   Quiet day at home. My husband is doing the taxes. I have yoga tonight. He has an executive meeting at TBS.

28.   Busy day; Bible study where I’m doing the summary of the book of Joshua. Then out for lunch, then to the pain clinic for nerve block injections. Tonight is our church’s annual general meeting.

29.   I have a Fibroscan of my liver this morning. It’s apparently a better test than an ultrasound, but it costs $60 out of pocket. What else is new?

30.   We may rent out our basement apartment in the fall. Thinking about it. It’ll be an adjustment since we’ve had it empty for two years now and our life has spilled over into it. But it’s a young couple from church who are getting married in the fall and their condo won’t be ready for a year because of delays.

31.   I’ve been sick with a sinus cold for a few days; something I haven’t had in years. Hard to sleep. Spending the day at home, reading and writing.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Granddaughter!

February Journaling

1.       Our grandson is two years old today. I can’t even say how much I love him. He’s a Mimi’s boy, but I’m a Benny’s Mimi. Trying to catch up with paperwork for my insurance companies.

2.       Such a mess down there in the U.S. So many executive orders already. Does he not know how things are done day to day, by trying to prove the merits of the idea?

3.       A quiet day at home.

4.       Finished my Summary of Deuteronomy for Tuesday morning.

5.       We had a funeral this afternoon for a friend of my mother-in-law. My brother-in-law Michael, who is now a Pastor, did the funeral service. The thing I love about Caribbean funerals is that they serve real food, not sandwiches. There was curried goat, jerk chicken and bbq chicken along with hot side dishes. Delicious.

6.       Pain injections in my face today. I was numb in my head and shoulders, so I had to back out of yoga tonight.

7.       Presented the Summary of Deuteronomy today, then out for lunch. Pain injections to my back today.

8.       Helped my mom fill out forms for the same pain clinic I go to for the nerve block injections to my back. Then rushed over to Oakville because our daughter was in labour. She delivered a baby girl naturally after only five hours of hard labour. They named her Robin Elisa. We didn’t know what she was having, but are so excited to have a granddaughter. Since these are most likely the only grandchildren we’ll have, it’s nice that we have one of each. Benny was so excited to meet her. After he saw her first on the phone, he ran into their room and pointed at the bassinette and said, “Baby…tummy…out.” The video of them meeting was precious. I’ll post a picture of her.

9.       We were going to go over there again so my husband and mother-in-law could meet the new baby but my husband still has a cough and it’s supposed to snow a lot today.

10.   Women’s Ministry breakfast today. I finished out my old series on Even Me? The Unlikely Women in the Genealogy of Christ, with Mary.

11.   I’ve started saving money in different ways; one way is to save $5 bills as I get them, I’m up to over $500 that way. I also set aside cash each pay, to pay for any vacation in full. I also save all my coins. And I set aside money into another account every pay.

12.   I sent off a sample for DNA testing for detoxification studies. Almost $800 out of pocket for that. I hope it gives me some answers for targeted treatment. I soooo want to get better.

13.   Not thrilled to go to my family doctor today, as I’ve got so many insurance forms to fill out.

14.   Summary of Deuteronomy today, then lunch with the ladies.

15.   Finally! A few days off without anything to do.

16.   Catching up with my Bible reading plan. I try to stay a week ahead because life happens and I get too overwhelmed when I’m behind. Also Yoga again tonight.

17.   Picking up forms from the doctor’s office that she didn’t want to fill out when I was there on Monday. Also it’s costing me $40 out of pocket.

18.   My husband has been sick so this is his first time to meet the new baby. His mother is coming along as well. Then our grandson is coming for a sleepover.

19.   Our daughter is coming back tonight from Law School for her reading week. Nice to have her back.

20.   It’s Family Day. Quiet day at home. Tacos for dinner. No yoga tonight.

21.   Bible study this morning, pain clinic in the afternoon, and WM planning meeting this evening.

22.   My diet has changed because of my illness. I eat almost all organic foods, no preservatives or pesticides. Cleaning out the trigger products like scented cleaners, air fresheners, dryer sheets and memory foam pillows has made a big difference. I also don’t use plastic or Teflon anymore.

23.   Three appointments today; dentist, chiropractor and massage. My daughter attended my yoga class with me.

24.   Our youngest daughter and I went to babysit so our other other daughter and her husband could attend an appreciation dinner for the worship team at their church. They took the newborn along since she’s nursing. When we left the fog was sooooo thick. The visibility on the 407 was only 5-20 feet ahead for most of the way home. Thankfully, my daughter drove while I prayed. I must say I was quite nervous about it.

25.   Quiet day at home, doing laundry and reading.

26.   Church today.

27.   Osteopath appointment today. Just found out this new company we’re under since January doesn’t cover osteo like the previous one, so I may stop going. It’s not terribly helpful to me. Yoga tonight was extra hard but my goal is to hold the pose for as many breaths as I’m supposed to. Who knew stretching and posing could make you sweat? Yet, in only a month I’m building muscle and getting more flexible. Seems to be something to this thing.

28.   Last day of the month already. Bible study, then lunch out for the birthday of one of the ladies, then a quick rest, not long enough, and my pain clinic appointment for more nerve blocks to my back. They’re helping at least with my back pain, for about five days out of seven.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Big Year!

1.   Happy New Year! This is a big year. Finland is 100, Canada is 150, and the Reformation is 500 years old. Today it was just me and my husband, so we had a nice dinner of steak and lobster.

2.    Our daughter returned from a New Year’s road trip to Washington D.C. She wanted to go to Obama’s America while she still could.

3.    I was thinking how the American election had two impossible, disagreeable choices; kind of like that game, Would You Rather? where you are asked two difficult questions and you don’t want to choose either one. An example is would you rather be completely bald or completely hairy? Or would you rather drive everywhere or walk everywhere? Or would you rather never read again or never write again?

4.    My youngest daughter and I went to Oakville to see my grandson. It’s the last time my daughter will see her sister before she gives birth in February. He’s speaking so much now.

5.    Packing up our daughter to take her back to Kingston for her final semester of Law School.

6.    Our daughter’s family stayed overnight. It’s a good thing we moved our daughter yesterday, because there was a 100 car pile-up in snowy weather and the highway was closed for nine hours on the stretch we would’ve been on. Our daughter and son-in-law were very sick while here so we looked after our grandson so they could rest.

7.    Church today, starting the book of Daniel in the evening.

8.    I got sick from my family and vomited four times. I haven’t done that in years. I’m used to chronic illness during the past four years, but I haven’t been acutely sick on top of it. I could barely move or I’d be sick. But it seems to be only a 24 hour bug, thankfully.

9.    Working slowly to prep for a Women’s ministry planning meeting this evening. I would do one chore and rest 30 minutes, and repeat.

10.   Ran a few errands. Opened an account for our grandchildren.

11.   Still not 100 % after that illness.

12.    Pyjama day. Don’t stop by. No apologies.

13.   Reviewing my message for the Women’s breakfast tomorrow. It’s one I wrote years ago, but now for a new audience.

14.   Women’s Ministry breakfast. The message on Bathsheba was received well. We had 24 women attend. I spent the rest of the day recovering on the couch.

15.   Church today. Our Pastor is beginning a series on the book of Daniel in the evening. He’s preaching on Matthew in the morning.

16.   A quiet day at home, resting up for three appointments tomorrow.

17.   Bible study, lunch out, and then to the pain clinic for nerve block injections for the pain below my neck not taken care of by the injections to my head and neck. Hope it works.

18.   Visiting my grandson so my daughter can get a haircut. She’s close to the end of her pregnancy and hopes to give birth earlier than her due date of Feb. 18th. My husband came home sick with that stomach bug.

19.   Chiro and massage appointments today. My poor husband has slept almost 24 hours, except for getting up to vomit. I hope he doesn’t recycle his illness back to me.

20.   Feeling a little nauseous. Hope I’m not getting sick. Today is the inauguration of that man who shall not be named, in the U.S. Not too hopeful for the direction the country is going, except for the pro-life issues. Hopefully he’ll keep his word on that.

21.   My husband is still sick. He hasn’t shaved in a few days and it grows in grey.

22.   Church today; I went alone.

23.   My husband is still sick. Yesterday he was able to eat a bit but now he feels sick again. He’s going to the doctor tomorrow but they’ll probably only give him a sick note for work.

24.   I had Bible study this morning and the new pain clinic for injections to my back. It’s supposed to have a cumulative effect. So far, it only helped with back pain one day, but does nothing for my leg pain and abdominal pain.

25.   Rest day. Now that I got an i-Phone for Christmas, I can facetime with my grandson. It’s nice to see him when we talk.

26.   Our daughter is finished work today, she’s full term this coming Saturday. She has a lot of false contractions, waking her up at night. Preparing her body for the real thing. Also I saw a new Naturopath today; my third one. This one deals with Functional Medicine and looks at the overall picture. He recommends genetic testing; not the ancestry type, but why specifically my body doesn’t detox.

27.   Our grandson came to stay the night. He’s become a Mimi’s boy, but I don’t mind.

28.   We are going to a friend’s 50th birthday party. Not a great day for pain.

29.   Our grandson will be two on Feb. 1st but today they’re having a small party for him; no presents. My daughter is hoping to deliver soon.

30.   Naturopath today.

31.   Busy day; Bible study, pain clinic, and Women’s Ministry planning meeting. Which means I’ll be useless tomorrow.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Year End Wrap-up

December Journaling

1.     Baking Finnish gingersnaps with my mom and daughter. Had to go back to one of my pain clinics because they didn’t give me enough injections in my face and if I have this much pain already, I’ll be in agony for the next ten weeks.

2.     New pain clinic today. Welcome to my life. Somewhat hopeful they can help because they offered nerve blocks starting in January.

3.     Off to London for our Finnish side of the family’s Christmas celebration.

4.     A nice time with the family, good food and kids got presents.

5.     A quiet day at home; started my Christmas cards, but worn out from the weekend, so I had a nap.

6.     Two appointments today; lots of pain.

7.     Tried to buy a few Christmas presents and write a few cards today.

8.     Re-do of some injections for my face, because he didn’t do it well enough last week.

9.     My 22 month grandson saw his dad's rollerblades and called them truck shoes. Breakfast out with my daughters and grandson.

10.  Christmas party for the worship team my husband is on at church. I brought dessert. They did Raclette, which is basically indoor grilling at the table where you cook your own food. It was delicious and we’ll probably do it at a future dinner party.

11.   Church today, and our Christmas program this evening.

12.  Chiropractor and massage today. Lots of snow as well. I can’t shovel snow anymore.

13.  Just Bible study and shopping for fruit and vegetables. Wiped out afterwards, so I napped, then made Greek pasta salad for dinner.

14.  Visiting my grandson today. He’s got a cough. He cheered up when he saw me. The only good thing about him when he’s sick, is he’s more cuddly.

15. Snow day. Well, it is snowing, and thankfully, I had no appointments. Besides, I’m extra exhausted from yesterday, and in pain because of the snow.

16. I’m still reading my Bible every day, and it looks like I’ll make it to the end of the year with my chronological Bible reading plan from Back to the Bible. I prefer the chronological approach, it makes more sense to read the books set during the exile rather than before the Psalms which David wrote. Maybe going to hang out for a while with the women from the Tuesday morning Bible study.

17.  For Christmas I’m getting a John MacArthur study Bible, large print, NKJV. It’s also leather bound with my name embossed in the leather. How do I know? I asked for it, ordered it myself, and had my daughters pay me back for it. That’s what I prefer; I’m not one for surprises.

18. Church today.

19.  My daughter’s friend is visiting for a few days. She’s from the Niagara region.

20. A Nutritionist appointment today. Feeling more brain foggy again. I can’t find my words.

21. Visiting my grandson.

22.   My husband bought me an i-phone for Christmas. Just trying to learn how to use it.

23. It’s Christmas Eve eve. If you’re a Finn, it’s a thing. Got our last minute ingredients for our contributions to dinner this weekend.

24. It’s Finnish Christmas, and we’re eating at my sister’s house.

25.   Merry Christmas! We’re eating at my mother-in-law’s house today. Our grandson seemed to get it, and loved opening gifts. We bought him an easel, a play tent, and many wooden puzzles and books. We also get him a Canada Savings Bond.

26. I feel like my brain fog is worse again. And my scalp is swollen, and I have more headaches and neurological symptoms.

27.  My family are going out to a movie tonight, but I can’t handle the lights and noise, so I’m home alone.

28.  Our youngest is going to Washington, D.C. for a few days. She wanted to go to Obama’s America while she could. Feeling very tired today.

29.   Osteopath appointment.

30.  Our Pastor and his wife are having an open house.

31. Last day of 2017. I’ve seen some improvements in my health. I hope I get better this year. I finished reading through the Bible.


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