Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Year of Gratitude February 2018


1. My grandson is three today! I mailed him a card since we are learning about community helpers like letter carriers. In it I wrote, “There is a boy who’s turning three, and Benny was his name-o. B-E-N-N-Y, B-EN-N-Y, B-E-N-N-Y, and Benny was his name-o.” He loved it so much he slept with it in his crib.

2. My mom just got bilateral hearing aids, now everything is too loud.

3. I restarted yoga classes, but not sure if I can make it twice a week.

4. My grandkids are 1 and 3, but since their birthday parties are a week apart, they’re celebrating together, today. My grandson knew how to blow out his candles.

5. I love fresh flowers. Gerbera daisies are my favourite. I always said if I was rich, I’d make sure I had fresh flowers every week. I guess I’m rich.

6. Visiting a friend, our first pastor’s widow, who just had to move from her senior’s residence to a nursing home. My mom came along with us.

7. I love Costco, except I always overspend.

8. My granddaughter, Robin, who is one today.

9. Being able to rest when I have a cold.

10. Women’s ministry breakfast with a ministry called Defend Dignity, which helps women escaping trafficking.

11. Church was cancelled, as was the potluck. We made so much jerk chicken. I was going to stay home today anyway since I was still sick.

12. Finishing my summary of Ezra.

13. Teaching at the Women’s Bible study. I love it.

14. Thankful for the love of my husband. It’s Valentine’s day.

15. A good day at school. My granddaughter took eight steps!

16. Thankful for energy to prep for our dinner party tomorrow, and my mom’s help.

17. We can host dinner parties for friends. We did a Valentine’s Day theme.

18. My granddaughter’s dedication service today.

19. Family day, thankful for my family. I love them, and I like them.

20. Summary of Ezra, then lunch out to celebrate.

21. Watching the winter Olympics. I like seeing sports I don’t usually see, like biathlon, ski jumping, cross country skiing, and snowboard cross. I even liked the mixed doubles curling, especially since the Canadians won gold.

22.  Restorative yoga class.

23. The grandkids are coming to stay overnight.

24. My friend Tammy’s 50th birthday.

25. The prospect of heaven. One day closer.

26. My hand-me-down car.

27. Organic food delivery to my door.

28. The organic meats store, especially the bacon, chicken, hamburger, and salmon.

Winter Olympics

February Journaling

1.      Our grandson is three today! I mailed a card to him and he loved it so much he took it into his crib when he went to sleep. All alone tonight as my husband is at his Seminary course and my daughter is away for a long weekend. She needs the break. She’s working so hard she developed an ulcer.

2.      Home day.

3.      A nice Saturday. I started back at yoga. Then my husband came grocery shopping with me, which is always a help. Then we cooked cod for dinner.

4.      Church this morning, then headed to Oakville to celebrate the grandkids’ birthdays, they are two years and one week apart, so they’re destined to have their birthdays celebrated together for the foreseeable future.

5.      School day.

6.      Bible study. Also went to visit a previous Pastor’s wife who is now in a nursing home. We’ve known her for over 30 years. Her husband baptized me and married us.

7.      Massage and chiropractor. Costco, where I always spend more than I should. So tired.

8.      I think I’m getting sick. A shower was all I could manage today. Crashed on the couch. Not cooking today. Not up to yoga either.

9.      Tired but need to buy supplies for tomorrow morning’s women’s breakfast meeting.

10.   Women’s meeting. The speakers are representing which is a ministry protecting and helping women escaping sex trafficking.

11.   Church was cancelled today because of ice, but I think it was an overreaction. Also that meant no potluck and my husband had made so much jerk chicken. Oh well, more for us. I was going to stay home anyway as I’m sick with a cold I got from the grandkids.

12.   School day switched to Thursday this week as I’m still sick and need to recover. Also finishing up the summary of Ezra for next week.

13.   Bible study. Ezra done except for my summary next week.

14.   Getting the summary printed and doing my homework for Nehemiah.

15.   School day, on my own. The letter R and the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. My granddaughter started walking today.

16.   Prepping for guests tomorrow, with my mom’s help. Another school shooting, this one in Florida.

17.   Dinner party with three other couples. Keeping it simple. I’m not what I once was, but yes, I still eat even though I have chronic illnesses.

18.   Our granddaughter’s dedication service is today. Disappointed to hear that my application for a disability tax credit was denied. They have a very narrow view of disability and don’t even care what your diagnoses are.

19.   Family Day in Ontario. No school.

20.   Summary of Ezra, then lunch at Perkins to celebrate.

21.   Home day. Beginning homework on the book of Nehemiah.

22.   Watching the Olympics. If ski jumping was on my list, and it’s not, it would be last because I’d die.

23.   Pain clinic appointment. I’m going there every four weeks now. My daughter’s family is spending the night and they are going farther east to see friends for another night but leaving our grandson here. Yay!

24.   Our daughter stayed all weekend but her husband had to go away overnight Saturday. Exhausting but fun.

25.   Our grandson came to church with us today.

26.   School day. The letter S, the story of Jonah, and learning about skeletal bones.

27.   Bible study, errands, then Botox injections. I know I shouldn’t complain since the injections I get at the two pain clinics help a lot, but today I really felt each of the 70 needles to my face, scalp, and neck. I slept for two hours to try to recover. Also a pill prep day; I set them up for half a month at a time.

28.   A home day, reading. Made chicken and pasta soup for dinner.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another New Year

 January Journaling

1.      Started the New Year with our traditional hot tub and mimosas. My days of rolling in the snow are over. I wouldn’t be able to get up fast enough. Since I completed my Bible reading for the year, I started again. I like the chronological reading system. I’m also accompanying it with Matthew Henry’s commentary. I also started a bullet journaling system for things like gratitude, events, finances, projects, goals, and ideas. Then I tidied up one room just a bit and took a nap.

2.      Women’s ministry meeting at my home. Bad pain day. The cold is as bad a trigger as rain for me.

3.      Chiropractor appointment.

4.      Massage appointment.

5.      Pain clinic for nerve block injections to my back. Checked out a new restaurant called The Captain’s Boil.

6.      Home day.

7.      Church today. Long nap, and prepping for school tomorrow.

8.      School day. I started to teach my grandson computer skills.

9.      I tried to make a better dinner; homemade pizza and a southwest salad with green goddess dressing, but I was on the couch in pain for my troubles.

10.   Home day, and paid the mortgage. Thankful for a steady paycheque for my husband.

11.   Went shopping for some clothes for myself. My daughter is good to take along, as she gives sound advice. Started on a new program called Plexus, which is probiotics to heal my gut and hopefully help me lose some of this weight. I’ve gained 30 kg since I got sick. It doesn’t help that I can’t exercise since I have PEM or post exertional malaise from my M.E.

12.   Picking up a few things for the women’s ministry breakfast tomorrow.

13.   Women’s ministry breakfast with a speaker from a local crisis pregnancy centre.

14.   Church today. Thankful for our Pastor’s faithful preaching.

15.   School day, on my own, as my mom is in London. Exhausting.

16.   Bible study, very in depth. Then a few errands and a nap.

17.   Had to go to Costco, but otherwise at home.

18.   Home day, working on my Bible study homework. My husband starts his Seminary course tonight and my daughter is going out for dinner with friends. I always think I’ll enjoy being alone more than I do. I miss my family.

19.   School prep.

20.   My husband bought groceries with me, then I made a Thai shrimp soup for dinner. It was very good.

21.   Shrimp and cilantro rice, with okra and tomato side dish. Delish.

22.   Home day. School switched to Thursday this week.

23.   Bible study, then buying boots for my granddaughter.

24.   Babysitting.

25.   School day, alone again. My mom has appointments.

26.   Pain clinic, then having old friends for dinner.

27.   Quiet day, leftovers.

28.   Church.

29.   School day, with my mom. She made Finnish food for dinner. Comfort food.

30.   Bible study.

31.   Doctor’s appointment to fill out more forms.

A Year of Gratitude January 2018

A Year of Gratitude 2018


1. The Bible; the beginning of a new year reading chronologically.

2. My salvation. One of my favourite hymns is And Can it Be? Because I’m so amazed that God would save me and give me an interest in spiritual things.

3. The help I get from my chiropractor every month.

4. The pleasure of a massage. It doesn’t help a lot, but it feels good at the time.

5. Pain relief at the pain clinic.

6. Our hot tub especially on a very cold day.

7. Freedom to worship…so far.

8. The opportunity to see my grandchildren once a week. Today my granddaughter climbed to the top of the stairs on her own. We had forgotten to put the gate at the bottom and suddenly she was at the top smiling down on us. This girl is fearless.

9. Commentaries from saints long ago. This year I’m using Matthew Henry’s commentary as a companion to my Bible reading.

10. My mom, who cleaned out my bathroom cupboard. I know it hasn’t been done since I got sick because there were still quite a few scented products, which I can’t use anymore.

11. A steady paycheque/stable work for my husband/good benefits.

12. Our daughter paid off her student loan in full!

13. Women’s ministry team, four women who help me.

14. Our Pastor’s faithful, bold preaching.

15. A new term teaching my grandson nursery school, once a week.

16. A new women’s Bible study on Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.

17. Eggs. I love eggs.

18. Shopping for some new clothes, with my daughter’s help.

19. My husband, who is beginning seminary courses at Toronto Baptist Seminary.

20. A full fridge, freezer, and pantry.

21. Our church family.

22. My mom’s help when I teach.

23. My daughter’s job; repaying us; paying off her debt while she’s at home.

24. The 407, which is fast, albeit expensive. An hour door to door to my daughter’s house.

25. My grandson, who is so much fun, although he’s heading into terrible threes, since he didn’t do terrible twos.

26. My granddaughter, who is so cute. She is starting to stand on her own, and will walk soon, I think.

27. Seat warmers in our new car.

28. Opportunities to serve at church.

29. Whole Foods; my happy place.

30. Panera Bread; my other happy place.

31. Reacquainting with old friends.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year End 2017

December Journaling

1.      My husband and I went out for dinner, but it ended up being over-priced and not too good.

2.      A rare Saturday at home, then our church Christmas gala. A little too long for me.

3.      Church today. Long nap.

4.      School day on my own.

5.      Home day. Worn out from yesterday. Long nap.

6.      Same as yesterday. Today is the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence and also the 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion.

7.      The anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Hot tub. Hoping I don’t belly flop into it like last time.

8.      Chiropractor then seeing my former co-workers because a nurse I’ve worked with for 10 years is retiring so this is her retirement and their work Christmas party too. I haven’t seen them in three years.

9.      Quiet day at home, laundry and reading, nap and MLS final, which TFC won. We’ve been following them since the beginning and manage one live game per year. Hot tub and take out Thai food.

10.   Church then seeing old friends. He was our best man. They live in the same neighbourhood and yet we only manage to see them once a year.

11.   School day with my mom.

12.   Bible study, injections to my face, and rest for two hours. I had a rare burst of energy, and today was a powdery snowfall of about five cm so I did the driveway for the first time in three years. I paid for it with a crash of pain and exhaustion later in the day.

13.   My sister in law’s birthday. Also, I had an appointment with my doctor to fill out forms for a tax credit. I pay so much out of pocket for my health, mostly for supplements and appointments with naturopaths, and for forms like today, $50. Hopefully I’ll be approved.

14.   Scrambling to finish the summary of Hebrews for Tuesday.

15.   My other pain clinic this morning, then babysitting this evening with my husband.

16.   Laundry. Long nap.

17.   Church, flanking a long nap.

18.   Last school day for a few weeks. We’ve only done 14 school days but my grandson has learned so much.

19.   Summary of Hebrews. They seemed to appreciate it. They paid for my lunch at Panera as a thank you.

20.   A quiet day at home, catching up on my Bible reading, napping, and cooking dinner.

21.   Last bit of shopping, to get ingredients for appetizers.

22.   My daughter bought my husband a TFC MLS Champions baseball cap. He’ll love it.

23.   Prepping some food. I’m making crab stuffed mushroom caps with real crab.

24.   My sister hosted dinner for our Finnish Christmas celebration.

25.   My daughter cooked her first turkey and hosted the family. She did a great job. So nice to see the grandkids two days in a row.

26.   We went to my son-in-law’s parents’ house for dinner. They are Egyptian and they own a restaurant so of course the food was delicious. Tired from all the celebrations though and looking forward to a few quiet days at home.

27.   Resting, catching up with my Bible reading.

28.   This year I read through the Bible chronologically with a guide from Through the Bible. I also read all the notes from my MacArthur study Bible and The Evidence Bible by Ray Comfort. Next year I’ll only read the text. It’ll be faster. I also studied Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Hebrews in depth and wrote summaries of them all. In the New Year, our ladies’ Bible study will begin Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther with Precepts Bible studies.

29.   Another Christmas party this evening. Even with ear plugs, I find it overwhelming to my senses and I am always happy to get home to a quiet house.

30.   I’m thinking of trying out a new treatment/supplement in the new year, called Plexus. It can’t hurt and every little improvement makes life a little less bad.

31.   End of the year. I’m suffering much less than a year ago and definitely much less than three years ago when I stopped working, for which I’m thankful. I’ve been sick for five years now. Life sure has changed.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


November Journaling

1.      Busy week of appointments. My mom came over to bake her famous gingersnaps, but it’s more that she bakes and I watch.

2.      Such a busy morning with appointments, didn’t get back home till 2 p.m. and crashed for an hour and a half before I had to make dinner.

3.      Pain clinic today. Both my facial injections and back injections aren’t holding my pain as well anymore. Sigh. Long nap in the afternoon.

4.      A quiet Saturday. I didn’t go anywhere and I loved it. I had a quiet morning, then had a nap before making tacos for dinner. Then looked over my school plan for Monday.

5.      Church today.

6.      School today. My granddaughter has a fever so she slept more than usual. My daughter took her to the doctor and went to work later and came home earlier. So proud of my grandson who learned the difference between left and right today.

7.      Bible study this morning. Ladies’ planning meeting tonight.

8.      A quiet day.

9.      Massage this morning, then we’re going to a fundraising gala in Hamilton for the Pregnancy Help Centre our daughter works for.

10.   Chiropractor appointment today.

11.   Today is Remembrance Day. I happened to be in Costco buying glasses at the time and they played Taps instead of Last Post, maybe because it’s an American company.

12.   Sunday. It’s International day of the Bible and our Pastor happened to preach on Sola Scriptura. Dropped off a shoe box for Samaritan’s Purse. For a little church, we do pretty well. Had a three hour nap.

13.   School today. Since my daughter was off for the holiday, my mom didn’t come with me. She also got her winter tires on. We did an experiment with capillary action. He seems to like school. I was able to rest more in the afternoon since she was there for the baby.

14.   Bible study, also I dropped off a fellow fibro sufferer at an appointment. Then a long nap.

15.   Had my winter tires put on as well as new wiper blades. Then a long nap.

16.   Home day, catching up on paperwork and rest.

17.   Same as yesterday, also baked for tomorrow morning.

18.   Women’s ministry breakfast. I like doing it but I’m looking forward to the end in sight in May. It’s nice that there are only two year terms. Even with the team helping me, it’s an added burden on me.

19.   Church. He’s going through 1 John in the evening and continuing on the five solas in the morning. He finished the book of Daniel. It was so refreshing to hear a perspective other than pre-millennial dispensationalism.

20.    School today, on my own. For some reason I had a pretty good day. I’ll take it. Could be one of the supplements I started taking again; d-Ribose, which is a sugar known to help with M.E. So proud of my grandson. He learns so fast. He learned his address and is recognizing his upper and lower case letters. He also knows right and left and loves the science experiments we do. He also loves geography.

21.   Bible study. A few more weeks then the summary. In the New Year we’ll start on Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. Then a nap and school prep.

22.   Home day. We got our furnace serviced. It snowed a bit today.

23.   Home day, baking cookies. Printed my Christmas letter.

24.   Pain clinic; it helps somewhat for my back pain, but not for my other pain, but hey, every bit of relief helps. Dropping off cookies to WINGS, a pro-life charity we support.

25.   Heading to London to celebrate Christmas with the Finnish side. Staying overnight.

26.   Came home after brunch in London.

27.   School today. My mom was with me. But my science experiment spilled in the bag and I got baby oil on all the papers I was planning to use, so we winged it instead. Extra tired today though.

28.   Bible study and a few errands.

29.   My husband took today off so we were able to get a bit of our Christmas shopping done. They caught some men who had been carjacking people in our neighbourhood and forcing them to drive to bank machines. There have been seven incidents in the past month.

30.   Dental appointment.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Interview with my Younger Self

Me Now (MN): You know how people say, “If I could go back in time with the wisdom and insight I have now, I’d tell my younger self a thing or two?” Well, here’s my chance. Hello, Pia.

Younger Me (YM): Oh, so you use that name exclusively now?

MN: Yeah, once I moved to Toronto it was just easier to make a fresh start with a name that’s easier to pronounce. It left any bad memories associated with that name behind. (See post What's in a Name? under Memoirs)

YM: We move to Toronto?

MN: Oh, yeah, I guess I’ve got to be more careful with what I let slip.

YM: I don’t really get why I’m here. Do I really want to know what’s ahead of me? What if I can’t handle it?

MN: Since I know you better than anyone, I know you need to be told that life won’t always be as good as it is now, and you need to be teachable. As for the future, it’s true it’s best not to know. But you WILL be able to handle what comes, by the grace of God.

YM: That’s good to know that I’ll still have my faith in the future. I sometimes worry I’ll lose my salvation.

MN: I can encourage you in that. You’ll soon learn about the doctrines of grace and you’ll see that you can’t lose your salvation because God chose you before the foundation of the world. It will give you assurance. This assurance in turn puts all other worries in their place.

YM: But what about…?

MN: Trust me. You’ll learn it over a period of a few years and you’ll never doubt it again. Remember, I know your future.

YM: Okay, I’ll take your word for it. But what CAN you tell me about my future? Do I get married, have kids, and live happily ever after?

MN: Yes, yes, and for the most part.

YM: What does that mean?

MN: Life happens. But I can promise you this; God is always faithful.

YM: I guess that’s all I need to know. Although I am curious. What’s my future husband like? Do I already know him?

MN: I guess I can tell you a little now. No, you haven’t met him yet. He’s still out there. Be patient.

YM: That’s surprising to me. I always assumed I’d marry one of the Finnish guys I know now. Is my future husband Finnish?

MN: No, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Don’t worry, you choose well.

YM: Please tell me he’s a believer at least?

MN: Yes, he is. Now let’s get back to the reason I wanted to talk to you.

YM: Okay. I guess you’ve told me enough. Most people don’t get that much information. Lay it on me, what’s the serious issue?

MN: It’s about your health.

YM: I don’t like the sound of that. Do I get gravely ill?

MN: No, but in a sense, it’s worse. You will have several chronic illnesses.

YM: Several? Isn’t one enough?

MN: You’d think so. But remember what I said earlier? Life happens, but God is always faithful.

YM: So you’re implying this will be a test of my faith?

MN: Yes, because it’s always easier to deal with short term crises than the discouragement that comes with ongoing suffering.

YM: Suffering? That makes it hard to guess which illnesses you could be talking about. Any hints?

MN: No, because part of the process is dealing with the anxiety of not knowing.

YM: So that’s all you’re giving me? No diagnoses or dates to spare me some anxiety?

MN: No, sorry. But you’ll have many happy years before it hits. Just appreciate them while you have them, try to take care of your health, and remember what I said earlier, Life happens, but God is always faithful. And one quote that will help you then is by Stuart Briscoe, “God allows things to happen to me, so that He can do things in me, so that He can do things through me.”

YM: That’s encouraging and scary at the same time. But if you have those things now, how is it you don’t look sick or disabled?

MN: Not every illness and disability is visible.

YM: Wouldn’t it be easier if it were?

MN: You’re more right than you know. But that’s another part of your journey that you’ll have to navigate; the frustration of suffering while having to feel you have to prove you are suffering.

YM: I don’t really want to deal with that yet. Let me try to boil down what you’ve told me. You said I’d suffer with some invisible chronic illnesses after many happy years with a Christian husband and children. Sounds like a mix of happy and sad.

MN: Yes, it is. Take a deep breath and go into the future, knowing God is already there, and He is faithful to the end.

YM: I guess I don’t have a choice, but I do feel encouraged by much of what you told me, especially about God’s faithfulness in the midst of trials.

MN: Count on it. It’s not your hold on Him that’s the basis of your assurance, it’s His hold on you; much like a child crossing the street with her father. He’ll hold you.

YM: Thanks. It’s also interesting to see what I look like 30 years in the future.

MN: Disappointed?

YM: You, I mean, I still look pretty young considering what are we, 50?

MN: 53.

YM: Yeah, not bad. But the weight gain is a surprise. No offence.

MN: None taken. Is it an excuse to say it’s part of the illness and treatment?

YM: I guess it is what it is. Does that mean that for most of my life I’ll have normal weight?

MN: Yes, fear not. I never realized how shallow I was.

YM: It seems this interview has enlightened both of us.

MN: See you in the future. And remember, rest in the faithfulness of God.
(See my other interviews in the Interviews folder).

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

After Darkness, Light!

October Journaling

1.      Church today. The last day of missions week. We were still tired from yesterday. I napped almost three hours.

2.      Nursery school today. My mom came along and she’s making dinner.

3.      Bible study.

4.      A few errands, but because of the rain I ended up on the couch for the rest of the day, in pain.

5.      Rest.

6.      Woke up to the announcement that my friend’s mom died last night. I didn’t know she was sick again, or I would have contacted her. She was a surrogate mom to me back in my teens during a rough time. I’ll post a pic. So sad. Till we meet again.

7.      Getting some apps purchased/prepped for Thanksgiving.

8.      Our renters are getting married today.

9.      Thanksgiving day. I only needed to bring two apps. Nice to be a guest. I had a bad pain day and was not very engaging at dinner. I overdid with the wedding yesterday.

10.   Rest day. I watched a documentary about M.E. that was debuted at some film festivals. It’s so shocking to see that in some modern countries like Denmark they don’t recognize it as physiological illness. One young girl was forcibly removed from her home and put into a psychiatric facility for three years. I’ve heard Iceland and Finland aren’t much better. So thankful to live in Canada where I am believed, supported, and treated. I also have full disability benefits, so I can concentrate on getting better.

11.   Treatment.

12.   Chiropractor today, otherwise a blah day, no energy, lots of pain. It’s our eldest daughter’s fifth wedding anniversary. I was healthy then but just beginning to have vague symptoms like anxiety.

13.   Pain clinic today, then pretty useless the rest of the day. Seems to be my usual for the past two weeks.

14.   Women’s breakfast meeting. We have one of our missionaries speaking. She and her family are in Taiwan. Then a nap for a few hours to recover.

15.   Church. I couldn’t nap today for some reason. Also more pain because of the rain.

16.   No school today. It was switched to Friday instead because my daughter and her husband are going to Boston for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary.

17.   Bible study this morning, then Costco run, I mean crawl, then a follow-up appointment with a geneticist. Too much. If you need me, I’ll be on the couch the rest of the night, and tomorrow, too.

18.   Rest day.

19.   Rest day before having the grandkids for four days.

20.   Picked up the kids and taught my grandson. Exhausted, but happy to see them. My daughter and her husband were planning to go to Boston but an expired passport changed their plans. They’re staying in Toronto at a friend’s place. Today my mom and sister came over and we took the kids to the park. Then we had a quick bonfire.

21.   Church this morning. There was a bee in the car as we were about to leave which slowed us down. Then my granddaughter cried in the nursery because of all the strangers. My husband is on his annual fishing trip. He chose this date after I had already promised to look after them. Also my other daughter is sick.

22.   Final morning. I taught school this morning, then they left at noon. Wiped out on the couch the rest of the day.

23.   Bible study, then nap and a bank appointment.

24.   Home day.

25.   See my post, a day in the life of me with M.E.

26.   Doctor’s appointment.

27.   My husband is going on a men’s retreat. It follows his annual fishing trip last weekend, so he’d rather stay home, but hey, it’ll be fine.

28.   Our eldest was in a car accident this morning, she was hurt a bit from the air bag deployment but not any worse thankfully. Their old car which they were planning to replace soon anyway was a write off. I went over to help out and they went and leased a new vehicle which will be ready by the end of the week. She was shaken up of course. So thankful she was okay.

29.   Church today. Slept only three hours last night, which is a switch for me, so it threw me off. My husband returned home from a men’s retreat. My mom is coming over for the week since my sister is travelling for work.

30.   School today.

31.   Bible study this morning, then my husband and I drove over to Oakville so my daughter could take our grandson out trick or treating. He went as a firefighter. Today is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, ending 1,000 years of superstition. The motto was “After darkness, light.” The main doctrines are called the five solas: Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone), Sola Gratia (grace alone), Sola Christos (through Christ alone), Sola Fide (faith alone), and Sola Deo Gloria (for the glory of God alone). If you can worship freely and read your Bible in your own language, thank God for the Reformation.