Wednesday, November 1, 2017

After Darkness, Light!

October Journaling

1.      Church today. The last day of missions week. We were still tired from yesterday. I napped almost three hours.

2.      Nursery school today. My mom came along and she’s making dinner.

3.      Bible study.

4.      A few errands, but because of the rain I ended up on the couch for the rest of the day, in pain.

5.      Rest.

6.      Woke up to the announcement that my friend’s mom died last night. I didn’t know she was sick again, or I would have contacted her. She was a surrogate mom to me back in my teens during a rough time. I’ll post a pic. So sad. Till we meet again.

7.      Getting some apps purchased/prepped for Thanksgiving.

8.      Our renters are getting married today.

9.      Thanksgiving day. I only needed to bring two apps. Nice to be a guest. I had a bad pain day and was not very engaging at dinner. I overdid with the wedding yesterday.

10.   Rest day. I watched a documentary about M.E. that was debuted at some film festivals. It’s so shocking to see that in some modern countries like Denmark they don’t recognize it as physiological illness. One young girl was forcibly removed from her home and put into a psychiatric facility for three years. I’ve heard Iceland and Finland aren’t much better. So thankful to live in Canada where I am believed, supported, and treated. I also have full disability benefits, so I can concentrate on getting better.

11.   Treatment.

12.   Chiropractor today, otherwise a blah day, no energy, lots of pain. It’s our eldest daughter’s fifth wedding anniversary. I was healthy then but just beginning to have vague symptoms like anxiety.

13.   Pain clinic today, then pretty useless the rest of the day. Seems to be my usual for the past two weeks.

14.   Women’s breakfast meeting. We have one of our missionaries speaking. She and her family are in Taiwan. Then a nap for a few hours to recover.

15.   Church. I couldn’t nap today for some reason. Also more pain because of the rain.

16.   No school today. It was switched to Friday instead because my daughter and her husband are going to Boston for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary.

17.   Bible study this morning, then Costco run, I mean crawl, then a follow-up appointment with a geneticist. Too much. If you need me, I’ll be on the couch the rest of the night, and tomorrow, too.

18.   Rest day.

19.   Rest day before having the grandkids for four days.

20.   Picked up the kids and taught my grandson. Exhausted, but happy to see them. My daughter and her husband were planning to go to Boston but an expired passport changed their plans. They’re staying in Toronto at a friend’s place. Today my mom and sister came over and we took the kids to the park. Then we had a quick bonfire.

21.   Church this morning. There was a bee in the car as we were about to leave which slowed us down. Then my granddaughter cried in the nursery because of all the strangers. My husband is on his annual fishing trip. He chose this date after I had already promised to look after them. Also my other daughter is sick.

22.   Final morning. I taught school this morning, then they left at noon. Wiped out on the couch the rest of the day.

23.   Bible study, then nap and a bank appointment.

24.   Home day.

25.   See my post, a day in the life of me with M.E.

26.   Doctor’s appointment.

27.   My husband is going on a men’s retreat. It follows his annual fishing trip last weekend, so he’d rather stay home, but hey, it’ll be fine.

28.   Our eldest was in a car accident this morning, she was hurt a bit from the air bag deployment but not any worse thankfully. Their old car which they were planning to replace soon anyway was a write off. I went over to help out and they went and leased a new vehicle which will be ready by the end of the week. She was shaken up of course. So thankful she was okay.

29.   Church today. Slept only three hours last night, which is a switch for me, so it threw me off. My husband returned home from a men’s retreat. My mom is coming over for the week since my sister is travelling for work.

30.   School today.

31.   Bible study this morning, then my husband and I drove over to Oakville so my daughter could take our grandson out trick or treating. He went as a firefighter. Today is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, ending 1,000 years of superstition. The motto was “After darkness, light.” The main doctrines are called the five solas: Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone), Sola Gratia (grace alone), Sola Christos (through Christ alone), Sola Fide (faith alone), and Sola Deo Gloria (for the glory of God alone). If you can worship freely and read your Bible in your own language, thank God for the Reformation.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Day in the Life of me with M.E.

What’s a typical day with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)?

I wake up after sleeping six hours. Two cups of coffee. I keep the tv off all day because I like it quiet. I do my daily Bible study/reading which takes about two hours. If I have no medical appointment I try to stay home and rest. I can’t handle stress anymore.

I eat breakfast and take my morning pills. I go upstairs and dress or bathe (every other day) and rest, then dress. I can’t shower or sauna anymore because they are far too draining to me. I look around at my house that needs to be cleaned and organized and then go downstairs, knowing it’s another day that it won’t get touched.

Last night I dared to vacuum upstairs, something I push myself to do only every three weeks or so. I can’t even clean my own house. My husband does the downstairs floors every week. But because of that exertion, as well as my bath today, I could only do my Bible reading and load the dishwasher, have lunch and more pills, then I rested the rest of the afternoon till my husband came home. I had throbbing pain in my legs the whole time. Then I got up and made a simple dinner, had more pills, and went back to the couch. If it’s a day I have to shop for groceries, I can’t also make dinner, so I’ll buy a roast chicken. My husband doesn’t complain.

This really is a normal day for me. I always hope that the next day I’ll be able to be more productive, but I’m usually disappointed. I’ll watch some tv in the evening, take more pills around nine, drift off around ten, then wake up around eleven with a second wind. I stay up till midnight or one every night, because I can’t sleep longer than six hours because my back hurts. The few times I’ve tried to go to bed around eleven I wake up at four in the morning and it throws my whole day off.

Early on when I was still trying to figure out what was happening to my health, I had a doctor’s appointment four out of five days a week. It was so hard to drag myself to these and try to appear normal for a few hours. Then it would make me crash for 24 hours afterward, but of course, the doctors don’t see that. They see someone who looks healthy. That’s the thing with invisible disabilities and chronic illnesses. They’re invisible. Invisible, but not imaginary.

Jealous of this schedule? Don’t be. I’d rather be a productive member of society with energy to do life. This illness has taken so much from me. But in spite of it, although I do get discouraged, I’m not depressed. I know I have it better than most with this illness worldwide. So many places they are not believed, or worse, are put into psychiatric facilities. I can’t believe it. Also I have disability benefits through work and the government and a private plan, so at least I don’t have financial stress on top of health concerns. My husband reminds me that my job right now is looking after my health. He really is an amazing man. I’m so thankful for him.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Nursery school

September Journaling

1.      A final day at sea as we head to Miami. As nice as vacations are, it’s nice to go home to my routines and more rest.

2.      A long day of travel. Customs is automated on the Canadian side now, but they’re still working out the bugs.

3.      Back home late last night. Got to go back to our own church today. Then we had guests over (the Hudsons) and I got a nice long nap today. That’s what it’s all about.

4.      Labour Day. The last day of my husband’s two week vacation. He gets six weeks a year total.

5.      Grocery shopping with my husband.

6.      A new treatment today. It was amazing! My cognitive impairment has been so bad. I haven’t been able to do even simple math like addition and subtraction for three years. But I could suddenly balance my chequebook again. The numbers made sense again. It’s the little things that are the big things.

7.      Dental appointment.

8.      A rare day at home in the next two weeks. So many medical appointments, it’s like the old days.

9.      Church picnic. It was too much for me so I slept in the car for two hours.

10.   Church today flanking a long nap.

11.   I will teach my grandson nursery school every Monday. My mom is coming with me because it would be too much for me on my own. It helps my daughter out and he loves to learn. It’s mostly play since he’s still a toddler (2-1/2).

12.   Women’s Bible study started up again. Then a treatment, dinner and then a Women’s ministry planning meeting. Too much for one day.

13.   Doctor’s appointment to fill out insurance forms. Stressful, plus a two hour wait.

14.   Chiropractor and massage. Sent insurance forms off.

15.   Pain clinic today.

16.   My husband and I went to visit the grandchildren today.

17.   Church today.

18.   The Women’s Ministry is showing the movie, The Case for Christ, at church tonight. My mother in law is coming. We switched Benny’s school day to Friday this week.

19.   Women’s Bible study, then my mom visited.

20.   Treatment.

21.   A rare day of rest.

22.   School day. My mom came with me. My grandson loves school.

23.   A quiet day with a long nap.

24.   Church today, with an international luncheon for Missions Week. My husband made jerked chicken for Jamaica and I made a buttermilk spice cake to represent Finland. I’ll also wear the t-shirt my mom brought me from Finland that has my hometown on it.

25.   School day. On my own. Too hard.

26.   Bible study, lunch, then injections to my face. Uggh.

27.   Treatment. My mom is staying over for a few nights. There was a snake in her apartment last week. It went out under the door and into someone else’s apartment. They haven’t found it yet which is a little creepy.

28.   Heard about some long overdue money coming from the government. So thankful.

29.   I feel bad that my elderly mother is here cleaning my fridge and bathrooms and cooking dinner. All those things I used to take for granted are hard for me now, but I do appreciate her help.

30.   A church historian spoke at our church to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Then I napped a few hours. Also I sat at the back with my feet up.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


August Journaling

1.      My daughter passed her Bar exams! Now a year of articling, then she gets called to the Bar. She was so stressed out waiting for the result. So proud of her.

2.      Went to the beach with my daughter today. Nice but draining.

3.      Last yoga for the summer. Happy for the break.

4.      Shopped for a few clothes today, but the changing exhausted me.

5.      Daughter is coming over with the grandkids today.

6.      Driving up to Port Carling to visit my husband’s brother and his wife. The grandkids and our daughter are coming too.

7.      Went to the church that my brother in law is preaching in. His preaching style is similar to my husband’s.

8.      The Civic holiday. My husband made jerked chicken. Delish. The basement is all emptied as much as possible, and cleaned in preparation for our renters who are coming next week.

9.      Today is my daughter’s first day in her articling position with the Ontario government. She didn’t sleep well last night because she’s a little nervous, but I know she’ll do well. I’m without a car, and forgot that I wanted to get my hair cut. Oh well, maybe Friday.

10.   Our eldest daughter and family are coming over today. Her husband is on vacation this week and she’s in her final month of maternity leave since she’s going to start back to work earlier, next month in a new job.

11.   Haircut today. It’s been a bad few weeks for pain.

12.   Final preparations for our renter, who is moving in on Monday.

13.   Church today, and a nice nap.

14.   Our renter moved in today. Also, our eldest came with her kids for three nights, since her babysitter is on vacation. Also I had a chiropractic appointment.

15.   Kids are exhausting, but at least my daughter is here to help me out.

16.   My daughter went for a hair appointment.

17.   I have a massage this morning.

18.   Pain clinic today, for back injections. There was a terrorist attack in Finland today. Sad.

19.   Going to the Carey conference just for the weekend to catch up with friends. Next year we’ll go for the whole week. We will stay in the motel onsite this year. Hopefully next year we can get our trailer back.

20.   Sunday at the Carey conference.

21.   Stopping in London to see my recently bereaved aunt on our way home from the Carey conference.

22.   Beginning to pack and prepare for our trip.

23.   Visiting the grandkids one last time before we head off.

24.   Final medical appointment with a naturopath who helped me a lot. Also finishing our packing and leaving the house in order.

25.   Flying to Miami the evening before the cruise so we don’t miss the boat tomorrow.

26.   Heading off. Bon voyage to us! Travelling with 16 people from our church. We’ve never done a cruise with a group before. Also our youngest daughter’s 25th birthday. If she accomplished this much in 25 years, what will the next 50 years hold? We are in an inside stateroom which is fine, since you don’t spend much time in the room, so we don’t need a window. However, this one was on the first floor, just above the crew and the bowels of the ship. Unfortunately, it seemed to be over the main holding tank for sewage, because every few hours our room would shake with a loud flushing sound. Yeah, won’t do that again.

27.   A fun day at sea. Relaxing in the shade. Our group eats dinner together but mostly we do our own thing. The shows in the evening are great. I need to wear my ear plugs at all times, and pace myself with several naps a day, but it’s nice to have someone else cook for me and clean my bathroom and make my bed.

28.   Our first stop; Grand Cayman. We had to take a tender (boat) into shore. Then we did a beach day for a few hours. The absolute best beach ever, coral sand, crystal clear water and perfect temperature of air and water. We bought lunch on the beach and then the tour guide swung through town to give us an overview of the island. Apparently the guy named Dart who invented Styrofoam cups (that’s the name on the bottom of them) is a gazillionaire, and he also owns 1/3 of SOLO cups as well. The other claim to fame in Grand Cayman is their offshore banking, which attracts unscrupulous people who want to hide their money from taxes in their home countries.

29.   Today we went to Roatan, Honduras which is an island off the mainland, and this area was built by Carnival specifically for Carnival guests. We got a ride on a ski-lift type of thing over to the beach, then we had a clam shell covering our beach chairs for shade and two floaters for the water. It wasn’t the best beach but it was fun anyway. Also we had jerk chicken for lunch. Afterwards, a shower and a nap before dinner.

30.   Today we went to Belize. We didn’t book anything and so we just took the tender ashore to buy some souvenirs and take some pictures. We had to say we touched the shore in Central America.

31.   Today was supposed to be the highlight of our trip. We were going to go on an Atlantis submarine. I had been on one in St Thomas a few years back, but my camera didn’t work and I was on alone so I had no proof of my adventure. This time I had convinced my claustrophobic husband to go with me, but because of hurricane Harvey in Texas, it was pouring in Cozumel, Mexico and there was lightning striking the water so it was cancelled for safety’s sake. In its place we did a bus tour of the island, going to a Mayan chocolate factory, which was interesting to learn the history of chocolate, a beach stop just to look, and a tequila factory. I didn’t know where we were going before we took it, but it was interesting to learn about it. I tried tequila once before and hated it, but this was real because it was made with 100% agave nectar aged seven years and it was very smooth. Disappointed about the submarine, so we’ll have to do it next time.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Memories of my uncle, Jarmo

This is my mom's younger brother, Jarmo. He died on July 27, 2017 at the age of 71.
Five things stand out in my memories of Jarmo,

When we were little girls, back when Sanna was still a baby, he used to take me, Sirpa, and Sari to see the car races in the Soo. That was fun. I guess he got used to the idea that he’d be surrounded by girls.

He stood in place of my dad to walk me up the aisle when we got married.

He and Sirkka were amazing dancers. They were a joy to watch, both in ballroom dancing and Finnish folk dancing. They also taught dance classes.

He always remembered everyone’s milestones; birthdays and anniversaries and would send cards written in his excellent handwriting, or later, emails.

Speaking of emails, he was late in life getting into technology, but then he seemed to enjoy using it. He would send birthday emails and say things like, “Happy Birthday from London. Well, not everyone in London, just us.” And because English wasn’t his first language he’d sign it, Ankle Jarmo.

Canada 150

July Journaling

1.      It’s Canada’s 150th! Happy Canada D-eh! Friends dropped in from out of town.

2.      Church and then dinner at a friend’s. The theme was Mexican. Delish!

3.      Our grandkids are here for a bbq. My husband finally had two dry days in a row so he could re-stain the deck.

4.      Putting the deck furniture out, finally!

5.      Yoga tonight.

6.      My husband and I went to a Christian bookstore for a Paint Night as a date. There were 26 people there. It was relaxed and fun. The final product was rather juvenile, but that says more about my artistic ability than anything else. I’ll post a picture.

7.      Picking up my grandson to stay for the weekend because they’re moving.

8.      Busy day with our grandson. We took him to a farm, then we shelled peas, although most ended up in his mouth. I hulled a flat of strawberries to freeze. My berry picking days are over but I can still buy them. We had him run through the sprinkler and play a lot. We had a fire for him in the backyard and he enjoyed a s’more.

9.      We brought our grandson home to their new place. It’s very nice and new. He was emotional and kept asking to go home to their old place.

10.   Costco, and I’m done for the day.

11.   My daughter helped me clean out a closet to get stuff to sell at a garage sale at church this weekend. It feels good to purge, but I’m exhausted.

12.   Quiet day at home, reading. My daughter is cooking dinner for us tonight; a Thai prawn and coconut curry. Yoga tonight.

13.   Injections to my face today at the pain clinic. Useless the rest of the day.

14.   My uncle is in ICU in London with fluid on his lungs. He has his third cancer, in his esophagus. I sent him a letter a few weeks ago to share the gospel, praying God will speak to his heart before it’s too late.

15.   We had a Festival at our church today, with food, live music, garage sales, a bouncy castle and a dunk tank. My husband knocked one of the pastors into the tank.

16.   Church today, and then visited my mom because she’s going to Finland tomorrow for a few weeks.

17.   My husband is cleaning out the garage today. He’s on vacation.

18.   I have a pain clinic appointment for back injections. Then useless the rest of the day.

19.   We’re going to London to see my uncle as he’s not doing well.

20.   My daughter wanted me to order tickets for a kids’ concert but of course they were sold out right away, purchased by bots or people who want to make a huge profit. We looked on a secondary ticket seller site and we purchased them. Final price four times the original. Criminal.

21.   Visiting our grandchildren today.

22.   We have tickets to a TFC soccer game tonight. There were a lot of delays on the train both ways.

23.   Church today.

24.   My uncle in London is doing poorly; they’ve found more cancer in his lungs. They will have to make a decision soon, since he’s still in ICU and intubated. They don’t think he’d be able to handle any further treatment. Sad.

25.   We went to visit an elderly woman we’ve known for decades. She’s the widow of the Pastor who baptized me and married us.

26.   It’s our 31st anniversary today. 31-derful years. Hokey, I know. We’re going out to dinner at the KEG. Also happy to hear that my CPP disability claim has been approved. It's just validation for what I already know.

27.   My uncle died today. The memorial will be on Saturday in London.

28.   Beach day with the family.

29.   My husband did a short message at my uncle’s funeral and I shared a few memories, which I’ll post separately.

30.   Church, ribfest, and a corn roast at a friend’s place.

31.   Recovery day.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Fewer Pills

June Journaling

1.      Paperwork today. Dealing with disability and pension companies. Arrgh. Long nap this morning. Yoga tonight. Still sore from Monday’s class.

2.      Pain clinic today.

3.      Today marks my husband’s 19th year cancer-free. Praise God!

4.      There was a bbq between services today.

5.      Legit question: what do you do with old Bibles? We easily have 20 in the house, some are fallen apart; others are just versions that we don’t read that were received as gifts. What to do? I hate to throw them out, not because I worship the Bible, but because there are so many in the world desperate to have them who would love to have them.

6.      Final Bible study in the book of Ruth.

7.      Our granddaughter is sick today, not keeping her milk down. They took her to the ER, but she seemed to get better.

8.      Got my once a year pedicure. I do the gel because it dries instantly so I can get out of there quickly.

9.      Our daughter is graduating from Law School today. She made the Dean’s list as well.

10.   My husband is busy sanding the deck with a power sander. I’m tired just watching him.

11.   Such a good Sunday. I really appreciate our Pastor’s messages, especially the evening ones on the book of Daniel. You can check them out on our church’s webpage. Ajax Alliance Church.

12.   A trip to Costco was all I could manage for the day. Yoga was thankfully easier tonight. Also it’s down to once a week only for the summer. I can handle that pace.

13.   I presented the summary of Judges and Ruth and then they took me out for lunch to celebrate my belated birthday. They also gave me flowers and a nice card. So sweet. They seem to appreciate the lessons. Now we’re done till the fall. I appreciate the break. Then we’ll start on the book of Hebrews. Our daughter came to stay over with her kids. Our grandson ran through the sprinkler with my husband. Exhausting to have them, but lovely.

14.   My grandson woke up at 5:30 after I only had 4-1/2 hours of sleep. I napped in the afternoon when they left.

15.   Going to babysit so my daughter can take her husband out on a special date.

16.   At my daughter’s for the day.

17.   My husband’s birthday is today and father’s day is tomorrow. He always wants the same thing: steak and a chocolate cake. I also got him the newly released J.R.R. Tolkein book he asked for.

18.   Father’s day. He truly is a great father. So glad we didn’t lose him 19 years ago.

19.   Prepping for a hearing about my health on Tuesday by teleconference.

20.   Pain clinic today; I now go every three weeks.

21.   Hearing today with the Social Security Tribunal. Hard to say how these things go. I can only tell them the truth. It’s funny that when I’m applying for insurance, I’m too sick, and when I’m applying for benefits, I’m not sick enough. The guy seemed reasonable, but who knows? I’ll hear back in two months.

22.   Happy to say that since I had genetic testing which targeted all my meds and supplements, I’ve decreased from 90 pills a day, yes, you read right, to 30 per day. I won’t complain about that. I was so tired of all.those.pills.

23.   Our daughter is finished her BAR exams and has gone camping for a four day weekend with her law buddies. I’m going to babysit for other daughter so she can go to a wedding. Prepped my pills for the next two weeks. It’s easier this way. Doing my Bible study and Bible reading. I’m halfway through my Through-the-Bible chronological readings. I try to stay two weeks ahead because life happens and if I were to get behind, I’d likely quit because it’d be too hard to catch up.

24.   Babysitting the grandkids so my daughter and son-in-law can go to a friend’s wedding. Staying over because my night vision is bad and I don’t trust myself to drive at night. I need to get back for church in the morning because it’s my turn to serve refreshments.

25.   Another good day at church. It was also our last Sunday evening service till the fall. We had missionaries speak in the evening.

26.   A quiet day of studying my Bible at home. My yoga class was cancelled tonight. Our daughter returned from camping.

27.   Out for groceries with my husband.

28.   Visiting my daughter’s family with my other daughter.

29.   Chiro and massage today. The missionary family from Sunday night are coming over for dinner. We made them some Caribbean food since he’s from the Dominica. They have three young children. They’re here for only three months since she needs eye surgery.

30.   Haircut and errands for the long weekend.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

M.E. Awareness

May Journaling

1.      Getting my winter tires off and an oil change. Also doing insurance paperwork. No energy today, and lots of pain because of the rain.

2.      Bible study, pain clinic today.

3.      My grandson’s babysitter is in hospital so they came to stay with us for three nights to make it easier on her.

4.      That was exhausting. Also tonight we attended the fundraising gala for WINGS maternity home. I did it for my husband’s sake, but it was hard for me. Even with my earplugs it was too loud.

5.      Recovering from my busy week.

6.      Still recovering; long naps; not accomplishing much.

7.      Church today flanking a three hour nap. Then I couldn’t sleep till 3 a.m.

8.      Quiet day, mostly reading my Bible and doing my Bible study homework for tomorrow. Yoga tonight; my youngest daughter is coming with me.

9.      Busy day; Bible study in the morning; appointment with a Geneticist in the afternoon; making dinner, and then buying a new vehicle tonight so we can gift our old CRV to our eldest daughter so she has a safer, bigger vehicle for the two kids. We can’t help with housing but at least we can help with transportation.

10.   This is national M.E. awareness week so I’m posting public service announcements on my facebook page. I went to replace my licence plates today as they’re faded. Also I have a caffeine withdrawal headache from drinking a little less than usual. I can’t undo it no matter how much coffee I drink.

11.   Getting my brakes done on my car. Yoga tonight. Not a fan of all the goddess stuff, but I think about other things.

12.   Visiting my grandchildren and babysitting tonight so the parents can go on a dinner date.

13.   Attempting a few raised flower beds for vegetables, so I don’t have to bend over. The best way to get organic vegetables is to grow them myself.

14.   Mother’s Day. My eldest got me a mug with the grandkids’ picture on it, and my youngest and my husband made a nice raclette meal and cleaned up the kitchen. I’m taking my mom out for lunch on Tuesday.

15.   Homework day. Yoga tonight.

16.   Bible study this morning, lunch and pain clinic with my mom, and then we’re picking up our new car from the dealership. My husband will be the one driving it. It’s another CRV, but there are so many more standard safety features.

17.   Dropping off our old car to my daughter.

18.   Yoga tonight.

19.   Our daughter’s family are coming over because we have to go to city hall to get a signature notarized so they don’t have to pay taxes on the car we gifted them.

20.   Frustrated with my doctor’s office because they didn’t fax some medical forms and I almost lost out on my pension accrual while I’m disabled.

21.   Went out for lunch with a lady from church. So much pain and exhaustion. I slept three and a half hours today.

22.   Bought a few potted flowers today. My idea of gardening.

23.   My vegetables and herbs are coming along. I saw a post that said gardening was spending three months to save $2.17 on tomatoes. I also spent a lot more than that for the plants, the soil, and the raised garden beds. But at least I’ll know “my crops” are organic.

24.   We sent in our votes for the new leader of the Conservative Party.

25.   No yoga tonight as my teacher is unwell.

26.   Off to the Women’s Retreat. Our speaker is Deborah Vereecke and the topic is The Armour of God. There are 20 ladies going. What did I ever do before GPS? Oh, I know, I got lost.

27.   One woman couldn’t make it after all, but she sent a video of her elderly father getting baptized. He was saved while she was there in Italy. He had just been in Canada a few weeks earlier to witness her baptism. It was a great reason to miss it.

28.   I was so exhausted. I napped for almost five hours yesterday. We watched the movie, I’m Not Ashamed, which I’d seen at home before. I’m glad my mom came along. She’s still unsaved, but at least she hears the gospel at these events. It was another great retreat, good messages, lots of fun, and great food.

29.   Catching up with my Bible study homework. Yoga tonight.

30.   Bible study today. Women’s ministry planning meeting tonight. We chose a new theme for September, based on Phil. 4:8.

31.   Visiting the grandkids today. Exhausting, but I love them so much.